Virtualisation Services


Looking to future-proof your business? Virtualisation services from b2b IT services can help. Reduce the physical attributes of your business and take everything to the cloud. This not only helps to keep your business flexible and versatile, but it is an essential aspect of disaster recovery.

What is virtualisation?

Virtualisation is essentially consolidation of your existing hardware to create a virtual version. It not only saves space, but it improves the capacity of your hardware and IT infrastructure, usually at a much lower cost.

At b2b IT services we regularly help businesses in South Wales and beyond, to copy and then manage their infrastructure to a new virtual version. Our services can be done remotely, so while we love working with local business in Swansea, Bristol and Cardiff, we can help businesses across the whole of the UK.

Why you need virtualisation services

If your business suffers from any of the following issues, then it may be time to chat with our team about our virtualisation services and how they can help your business.

  • Does your business suffer from:

  • Low utilisations levels of the server?

  • Lack of space for infrastructure development?

  • Expensive power and cooling costs?

  • Lack of budget for new hardware?

  • Inefficient disaster management process?

  • No backup or restoration capabilities?

  • Ineffective infrastructure, processes and IT services.

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, virtualisation is right for you.

How can virtualisation services help my business?

1.       Automatic disaster recovery means you never need to worry.

2.       Rapid deployment of applications for when you need them in a hurry.

3.       The flexibility of on-demand applications that mean your staff can work from anywhere at any time.

4.       Ensure your always ‘open’ for business with business continuity.

5.       Lower your infrastructure expenditure and enjoy cheaper operating costs.

6.       Consolidate your devices to reduce the numbers of servers required.

7.       We manage your virtualisation to simplify your business processes.

8.       Reduce infrastructure for a more flexible and efficient business.

With virtualisation, you not only make the future-proofing decision to use cloud services, but you also take care of planning for both your business strategy and capacity. From reducing downtime to saving on infrastructure purchases and maintenance costs, your business can quickly realise the many benefits of virtualisation.

At b2b IT services, we know your business needs only the best, at the most affordable price. We work with leading solution providers such as Microsoft and VMware to ensure your business has world-class functionality.

Find out more about how virtualisation can significantly improve the growth and the bottom line of your business by calling our friendly team for a chat on 029 2076 2337.