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Office 365, Your Partner

Microsoft Office 365 brings the way that you work to your team, in an affordable, intuitive and easy-to-integrate way.

Office 365 Partner Services

Want to switch to Office 365, but can’t cope with the migration process? We are here to help with our Office 365 partner services. At b2b IT Services, we have helped many businesses in our local area of Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales as well as businesses further afield in Newport and Bristol with the transition to Office 365.

Why Office 365?

Office 365 is there for businesses that require flexibility, fluidity and on-demand services. With Office 365 you can access your documents and the applications you need to run your business from anywhere in the world. This opens up more opportunity for remote working as well expanding into freelancing and the gig economy for support when you need it.

What can Office 365 do?

Office 365 is typically considered as the flagship product or the must-have for businesses who want to focus on cloud computing. Office 365 gives businesses access to the most popular, and most useful, business tools. Office 365 includes all of the essential Microsoft Office application such as Access, OneNote, Publisher, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

With Office 365 you have cloud storage, video conferencing and of course, the necessities of email, team collaboration such as a calendar on the go. Furthermore, you have the security measures in place to safeguard your business.  Some of the most useful features include the fact you have integrated chat for super-fast communication as well as users being able to work simultaneously on the same document — ideal for the last-minute prep before a big meeting or presentation.

Of course, the fact that Office 365 is compatible with mobile devices makes it much easier to work on the move, utilise remote workers and potentially run your business without the need for fixed premises.

Office 365 – the b2b way

We know you, and your business is already juggling too much to consider introducing a new IT function. However, b2b IT services work with you to innovate your business in a way that causes minimum stress and disruption.

We can set up Office 365 for you, wherever your business is located. After determining your needs, we’ll find the most suitable product and package for you. We will then integrate the service with your current hardware, making sure all of the applications that you currently use are still available and accessible.

With our support, you can focus on growing your business while we help you to ensure that you have the most efficient strategy in place for growth and development.

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