Cyber Security as a Service: A Step Up From Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials scheme has been a great way to promote awareness of the cyber security basics and ensure that a minimum level of IT security is introduced to organisations alongside increased IT security competency for staff. However, the scheme provides only a snapshot of security at a specific audit time.

b2b is spearheading the delivery of Cyber Security as a Service. This delivers year around increased security monitoring, continual protection against new types of threats, and ongoing IT asset monitoring. In turn this helps with IT compliance and best practice.

Many organisations and businesses are finding that even with an IT support company, or an internal IT team they still have a skills gap with the evolving IT threat landscape. b2b provide tools to secure your organisation. This may include new security dashboards, that can monitor your assets, networks, services and users, alerting to threats, acting on potential intrusions, ensuring password integrity, logging staff application activity, regular vulnerability scanning and management level reporting for compliance.

Luke Hodge, Director of b2b commented:

"We welcomed the Cyber Essentials accreditation, it really has moved IT security forward across UK businesses. Cyber-Security-as-a-Service comes into action from this point on. For example how do you know if an employee, 2 day after you've got Cyber Essentials Accreditation suppresses his laptops Anti Virus to install a gambling app on company PC's? b2b complements your IT by bringing in solutions that can spot this kind of activity, and additionally prevent the use of for example weak or passwords that have been hacked previously."

In summary, organisations are looking to Cyber Security as a Service for the following reasons:

  • Avoid upfront security costs

  • Increase compliance company-wide

  • Minimise IT security risk

  • Visually and actively monitor assets, networks, threats & users

  • Respond faster to emergent threats

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