Business Continuity Versus Back-Ups, What's The Difference?

If you want to jump straight to answer and find out why back-ups may not be enough, scroll down and watch the video! But first! Let’s look at the potential loss to your business…

While we know businesses may not have the finances to put every measure in place. It is important to understand the opportunities to further protect your business and keep your systems live. Furthermore we can help weigh up the costs of implementation compared to how much it can save your business if it comes to it.

When you consider that 41% of companies who experience an outage lose over £10,000, each aspect is well worth doing the sums for. Don’t want to get your head around it? Don’t worry; our experienced IT consultants will bring their depth of knowledge to the table.

Ready! Here’s that explainer video:

Find out more about our Disaster Recovery Consultation Services where explain some of the more complex terms such as: Cold Sites, Hot Sites, Warm Sites, Daily Verifications, and Saas Protection.

Budgeting for disaster recovery

One aspect that most companies don’t like to consider when planning for business continuity and disaster recovery is the budget. There is no hard and fast rule for your disaster recovery budget, this all depends on the role of IT and data in your organisation..

Ultimately it depends on how much your business can comfortably lose. Anything your business can’t afford to lose will need to be covered in your disaster recovery plan. We can certainly guide you through this landscape.

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