No Sales People Here....

That title may not mean much to you, but if you work with an IT company or are the lucky handler of sales calls in your work place, you will know that the world of IT is highly competitive and lends itself to employing a vast number of sales people.

Like most businesses, we must ensure we are present in our aggressively active market place. But we don’t want to go about that in a way that really isn’t #theb2bway.  Over the past 15 years, we have of course tried sales-based initiatives to ensure we meet our business objectives; we’ve dabbled in sales functions and thought about the benefits of incentives (on that note, should we start offering businesses free Haribo when they sign up with us?) but each time we “go at it” on the sales front, we keep coming back to the same conclusions:  

1. Our clients don’t get the best service

Who better placed to provide you with consultative advice than the IT professionals themselves? Before we onboard a client, we like to meet with them to discuss their IT infrastructure and only then will we make an informed decision about what would work best for that individual business. We are there from the start to answer all your detailed niggles and fears from a well-rounded, professional and technical perspective rather than the focus being on you signing a dotted line for a long term contract – which by the way, we also don’t use.


2. We value relationships

The sales troops are sent out into battle with one intension – get sales. That’s their job, focus and what they do well. Sometimes that means there isn’t much need for relationship building and even if there is, once you sign a contract, it’s unlikely you will see the sales rep. again because there isn’t much need to. She or he will take away the knowledge of your dog’s latest operation or your forthcoming trip to Italy, leaving us to start all over again.  We believe to get the best out of your IT company, relationships should be two-way. For us, that starts from the moment we first meet with you. We like to get to know our clients and the benefit for you is each time you call us with an issue or a query, or maybe even a chat about Love Island (if you’re into that), you will be speaking with one of the IT professional who initially assessed your requirements.

3. Time and financial investments are better spent on our IT offering

Ensuring our IT professionals receive the training they require to keep up with the ever-evolving world of IT and cyber security has proven to be a far better way of providing a unique service to our clients through knowledge sharing.

We work with a variety of business sectors, personalities and IT set-ups, so over the years we’ve become a very approachable and friendly bunch of IT professionals – we know, friendly + IT Professionals = oxymoron, but not in the world of b2b IT Services because that, my friend, is not #theb2bway.

If you’d like to chat to us a bit more (we don’t hide behind emails), give us a call on 02920 762 337.