Disaster Recovery Consultation


Disaster recovery is never an easy topic to discuss. However, with b2b IT Services, disaster recovery consultancy services allows us to help you design resilient, recoverable, failsafe systems in Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol and beyond.

While our superhero powers may not enable us to save the planet, we may just be able to help build a IT strategy that is resilient by design. Enabling you to be prepared should the the unthinkable occurs to your IT or data.

Don’t stick your head in the sand

Not planning for disaster recovery? You’re not alone, but you are in the minority. Your business is one of 5% of organisations that don’t have any plan in place. However, despite 95% of organisations having a disaster recovery plan in place 27% of organisations still lost revenue in the past year because of an outage.

So, if you have no disaster recovery plan in place, or it is just not effective for you. Then it is time to ensure that you not only have a disaster recovery plan in place, but we can help implement procedures to ensure the integrity of your data and IT services.

What disasters?

Typically, there are two types of disasters; natural and humanmade. A natural disaster includes unexpected events such as flooding. A humanmade disaster includes employee sabotage, infrastructure failure or external malicious actors.

The most common forms of disaster outages for businesses include power outages, loss of internet connectivity, data loss and and hardware failure.

You may think they’ll never happen to you, but is it really worth the risk? We can help you assess the risks and proportionally build a plan for IT resilience.

Disaster recovery consultation

If you’re not sure how watertight your disaster recovery plan is, then a disaster recovery consultation can get you on the right track. b2b IT Services offer disaster recovery consultations in Bristol, Wales, across the UK and beyond. During which, we’ll discuss all of the areas that you may not have considered and the how the risk of loss of IT services can be mitigated and reduced.

While we know businesses may not have the finances to put every measure in place. It is important to understand the opportunities to further protect your business. Furthermore, you can weigh up the costs of implementation compared to how much it can save your business if it comes to it.

When you consider that 41% of companies who experience an outage lose over £10,000, each aspect is well worth doing the sums for. Don’t want to get your head around it? Don’t worry; our experienced IT consultants will bring their depth of knowledge to the table.

Budgeting for disaster recovery

One aspect that most companies don’t like to consider when planning for business continuity and disaster recovery is the budget. There is no hard and fast rule for your disaster recovery budget, this all depends on the role of IT and data in your organisation..

Ultimately it depends on how much your business can comfortably lose. Anything your business can’t afford to lose will need to be covered in your disaster recovery plan.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with b2b IT Services to get your business the business IT continuity protection it needs.