Disaster Recovery Consultation


Disaster recovery is never an easy topic to discuss. However, with b2b IT Services, disaster recovery consultancy services allows us to help you design resilient, recoverable, failsafe systems in Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol and beyond.

While our superhero powers may not enable us to save the planet, we may just be able to help build a IT strategy that is resilient by design. Enabling you to be prepared should the the unthinkable occurs to your IT or data.

Don’t stick your head in the sand

Not planning for disaster recovery? You’re not alone, but you are in the minority. Your business is one of 5% of organisations that don’t have any plan in place. However, despite 95% of organisations having a disaster recovery plan in place 27% of organisations still lost revenue in the past year because of an outage.

So, if you have no disaster recovery plan in place, or it is just not effective for you. Then it is time to ensure that you not only have a disaster recovery plan in place, but we can help implement procedures to ensure the integrity of your data and IT services.

What disasters?

Typically, there are two types of disasters; natural and humanmade. A natural disaster includes unexpected events such as flooding. A humanmade disaster includes employee sabotage, infrastructure failure or external malicious actors.

The most common forms of disaster outages for businesses include power outages, loss of internet connectivity, data loss and and hardware failure.

You may think they’ll never happen to you, but is it really worth the risk? We can help you assess the risks and proportionally build a plan for IT resilience.

Disaster recovery consultation

If you’re not sure how watertight your disaster recovery plan is, then a disaster recovery consultation can get you on the right track. b2b IT Services offer disaster recovery consultations in Bristol, Wales, across the UK and beyond. During which, we’ll discuss all of the areas that you may not have considered and the how the risk of loss of IT services can be mitigated and reduced.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with b2b IT Services to get your business the business IT continuity protection it needs. Or ready to read on, Here’s the detail on our Disaster recovery services:

b2b Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Our multi-tiered disaster recovery services can offer tailored solutions to on-premise, private and public cloud infrastructure; delivering against strictly defined ‘Recovery Point Objectives’ (RPO) and ‘Recovery Time Objectives’ (RTO).

Recovery Point Objective: Age of the data have recovered.

Recovery Time Objective: Time it takes to bring your systems back online in the event of a disaster.

Our backup solutions can offer traditional daily/weekly backup and replication, also known as Backup-as-a-service (BaaS), or a full business continuity solution that provides continuous protection as frequently as every 5 minutes; with data retentions that can span hours, days, weeks, months or years.  Business data is encrypted, and securely transferred to one of three data-centres; presented to our resilient infrastructure for cold, warm or hot-site DR services.

Cold Site: backup data is stored dormant on backup media until a disaster recovery scenario materialises.  In this instance systems that can process your data, such as operating systems, are not presented to any infrastructure until it is required in an emergency.  A cold site is perfectly suited to a business where budget constraints are prohibitive or for systems that would not necessarily require fast recovery in the result of a disaster.

Hot Site: backup data is stored on backup media, and automatically transferred to standby infrastructure, ready to be powered on in the event of a disaster.  A strategy is defined to ensure that your systems are brought online swiftly, and in order, to ensure that systems are made available to your business in order of impact.  Data continues to be stored dormant on backup media until a disaster occurs and recovery is performed over a longer recovery time.

Warm Site: A warm site is a co-location of infrastructure that provides basic systems to allow a business to resume in the event of a disaster, but only includes basic network, phone

Disaster Recovery Rehearsals

b2b offer arguably the most comprehensive verification of backups to ensure the integrity and efficiency of your readiness in a disaster.Our commitment to ensuring your disaster recovery plan can be met is put to the test frequently, something our competitors don’t offer. .

Daily verification: Each server is artificially brought online and a ‘test boot’ performed of your server, to ensure that it can allow us to logon.  Should this process fail, then a ticket is logged to help determine why the server would not boot, and action taken to resolve this in case of a genuine disaster.

Monthly verification: Each month a full disaster rehearsal is arranged where the entire environment is brought online in a sandboxed environment; without internet or local network access. Each system is tested to ensure integrity of all backup data and measured against recovery objectives.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Protection

In an ever-changing landscape, companies are progressively moving their systems to public cloud infrastructure, particularly for business productivity applications like Microsoft Office or Google Cloud Apps.  Whereas these solutions provide a functional, collaborative and highly available service; data protection is not included as part of the service.

Our SaaS protection solution allows you to protect all your Office 365 or Google Apps data, helping to protect against data loss with retentions that can span back indefinitely.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with b2b IT Services to get your business the business IT continuity protection it needs.