34% of virus infections are on business computers, make sure your network is secure

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IT Support

Every business has computers, and they’re becoming more and more reliant on their computers for the business to function. It may be that you are too small to warrant having a full time person responsible for your computers, but you need them to be working.

That’s where we come in; we work like an IT department for lots of businesses. Acting like an in house IT resource, being the single point of contact for everything related to IT. We don’t just stop at being the fault fixers but instead like to be considered part of the furniture, an integral part of your business.

Keeping your systems maintained, updated and looked after means a lot of potential issues can be avoided.

Our helpdesk is made up of 2 parts, a reactive team and a proactive team. Both teams complement each other, the reactive team deals with day-to-day issues whilst the proactive team ensures a stable IT platform for each of our clients.

We put a lot of emphasis on proactive working as part of our support, using software which can monitor each computer, server or network device on your network, meaning if there are any issues, alerts are raised automatically within our helpdesk system. It is quite often the case that we resolve an issue before you notice it, meaning things get fixed before any disruption occurs.

b2b are the good guys of the IT world, not pushy, no techno babble, just normal people who like to make people happy.