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IT Consultancy

With over 15 years experience in the IT industry, b2b has gained a good understanding of what works, and what doesn’t. We get involved with lots of exciting projects with our clients, solving business problems with the use of IT. Some of our work is direct with clients and some is on behalf of the Welsh Government where they ask us in to trouble shoot various issues businesses are faced with.

We’ve done work with companies of lots of shapes and sizes, businesses of 5 people through to 800. There’s no arrogance to our consultancy, what we say and what we do for companies is driven by our desire to make things work, get tangible results and get the right outcome.

Because of our knowledge of both the IT industry and the world of business, it means that our approach to consultancy is both balanced, and based on reality. We understand the pressures and demands that businesses face each day, whilst we also appreciate the roles and responsibilities that IT departments face.

If you would like a no-strings attached briefing with one of our consultants over the sort of things we’ve done and can help you with then please get in touch.

Some of the projects we’ve been involved with recently are:

  • System audits
  • Solution selection
  • Internal reviews
  • IT department reviews
  • Security reviews
  • Policy reviews