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Complementary IT

If you’re an IT manager of an IT department (either with staff or without) then b2b can provide complementary services for you. We work with companies with 1 person, up to companies with multi site IT departments – whatever your size b2b can help you.

Heres some of the reasons to use us:

Trouble shooting (a fresh pair of eyes on an issue) – sometimes no matter the size of your team some problems can seem to make you go round and round without ever getting a solution. Often just getting someone to provide some objective input can help get things resolved quicker and with less headaches. At b2b because we look after such a wide range of clients it means we get a greater depth of experience than is possible in a “normal” IT department.

Remote monitoring – with our remote monitoring software at b2b providing 24/7 cover, big brother is always watching meaning you don’t have to.

Customised support – no company is the same, that’s why our service offering isn’t a one size fits all. We customize what we do to exactly match what you want. Relationship is key and so flexibility is at the heart of what we do.

Depth of knowledge – sometimes the pressure of having to fix every issue can bog you down meaning you lose site of the day to day. Using b2b means you always have back stop cover, if you run out of ideas, or time, you can rely on b2b to pick when you want to leave off.

Flat fees – Managing budgets can be difficult at the best of times. Using b2b means a standard fixed cost when you need it, but with the option of changing the support level to fit with changes when they occur.

Consistent support – b2b can fill in the gaps, meaning worry over holidays, sickness or big projects impacting your workload are a thing of the past. We can grow and shrink whenever you need us. Totally flexible, but seamlessly integrated.

Partnerships – b2b have a wide range of partnerships with software and hardware producers, meaning that whatever you use we have the knowledge to help you.

Out of hours support – it can be a pain providing out of hours support for your users, and sometimes you may just want to take a holiday without being tied to your mobile phone! That’s where b2b can spring into action, looking and behaving like an extension to you existing team/department