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FAQ #6 to 10


6. Do you guys do websites/phones/mend my SkyPlus box?
Nope. We stick to what we know and keep it simple, our business is all about making people happy so if its IT support, or consultancy that’s right up our street. That said, we’ve got really good partnerships with a whole host of great companies to make sure we can help you cover every base (i.e websites/phones/ faulty skyPlus boxes)

7. As b2b continues to grow, wont the service suffer?
We love the close relationship we have with our clients, it’s an essential part of great service. We never want to be a faceless organisation so as we grow we’ll spawn new teams that have a specific number of clients that they look after. It means that no matter our size the service will continue to be personal, fast and professional, it’s the b2b way.

8. What is b2b not good at?
Aside from goodbyes (we hate goodbyes) we’re rubbish at selling. We much rather people want to buy from us rather than sell to them. To be honest we aren’t that into sales people, they get a bit too salesy and can distract people from what they really need. We think we are really good at what we do, so in theory that should be selling enough. Its fortunate because if b2b relied on selling we wouldn’t last long.

9. I’m at point A and I want to get to point B, can you help?
Of course we can. We love helping companies embark on new and exciting things. Whether it’s a new office, some spangly new business idea or a change to your systems, we’ve got the skills to pay the bills.

10. Will it hurt?
Our guys are tender IT specialists, slow, meticulous and deliberate, looking after your every need. Well done for reading this far.