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This is us: b2b IT Services. Small but perfectly formed; the super heroes of the IT world…a friendly, reliable and cost effective solution for all your IT requirements!

So what’s so good about us?

It’s a given; we do IT, but we are also friendly and will try to help you understand all that’s going on with your computers… or maybe if you’d prefer, only the bits you would like to understand!We love making IT help you do, what you do. We promise to keep everything open and honest, and try to be as transparent about what’s going on as we can… We’re not perfect but we’ll try. Our clients will tell you about this and you are very welcome to speak to them about the level of service they get from us. So get in contact with us! We aren’t pushy, we aren’t sales people, we just like what we do and are happy to help you… Basically we are computer geeks who enjoy keeping our clients happy and really love what we do! Give us a call on 029 20 762337 and we can discuss how we can help you! p.s. we are hiring

Meet the team


Adam is one of the super friendly reactive team guys, always smiling, always laughing and sometimes singing. Despite his young age Adam likes nothing more than to sit in his local pub drinking ale and smoking a pipe (slightly untrue).


Luke likes to sit, ponder and randomly hit people with sticks. He calls it running the company. Outside of work he loves spending his weekends wallowing in mud in a forest somewhere, with or without his mountain bike.


Ian is the longest serving member of the team, what he doesn’t know about our clients is probably things he has forgotten. When not in work he likes nothing more than listening to something called heavy metal…


John can’t grow a beard. This makes people question his Scottish heritage! Like Luke, he also runs the business and he makes sure that things actually happen and no one gets lost.  When not working he tries (unsuccessfully) not to crash his mountain bike (he crashes a lot).


David leads our reactive team and is very proud of his hair. A lot of work goes into it, the hair that is. He also likes beer and football… at the same time! Aside from that he is the pinnace of all things technical.


Seb has long hair. Its not relevant but needs to be mentioned. He works in our Proactive team making sure that all our clients are happy and looked after. When finished with work Seb also likes to party with LANs or something. He got married recently, like to a real girl and everything.


Matt is our coffee maker… ahem… IT Apprentice. He is honing his coffee making skills, is super good at emptying bins and at times demonstrates he is actually learning something about IT.


Huw loves spreadsheets… like really really loves them! He is also the closest thing the office has to a Grizzly Bear. During working hours he makes sense of all the numbers and tells us to just “trust him”… hmmmm!


Sandra is our superhero accountant. Don’t let her loveliness fool you though, she takes no prisoners. If those numbers aren’t falling into line, she sorts them out – we have had a series of complaints from her calculator regarding heavy-handedness!