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What we do

So, you’ve got this far and now you’d like to find out some more information about the various things we do in b2b…Great! You’re in the right place.

The world of IT is a massive, ever changing mix of technologies, concepts, ideas and realities, too big in fact for any company to sufficiently cover everything well. That’s why in b2b we like keep to what we know and all the things we’re certain we are great at doing.

So that means here in b2b you won’t have a long list of services we offer: Instead we like to keep things simple, whilst exactly meeting the needs of the businesses that use us.

B2B aren’t your run of the mill IT company. If you want boring, impersonal, unapproachable or bargain basement then you’re looking in the wrong place. At b2b we do things differently to most, we want to be considered part of the furniture, we want you to like us so much you tell everyone about us and we like to form relationships that aren’t just about fixing faults. We offer a quality, high-standard, pro-active service and we’re certain you’ll love partnering with us!

To find out more about the things we do then click on the relevant section below, and if you want anything clarifying just get in touch.

Don’t worry though, if you have needs that you feel aren’t covered under these headings then still let us know. We’ve got some great relationships with other companies providing them with complementary support and would love to chat to you anyway! Call us on 029 20762337.

The kinds of cover we provide

Although we offer bespoke support, there are typically three ways that B2B works with its clients:


IT Support

Scalable, friendly IT support, so that you can focus on running your business.

  • Everything is broken?
  • Not happy with your existing IT people?
  • Thinking of outsourcing your IT?

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Complementary IT

Where your existing IT dept can rely on our expertise or round the clock support

  • Provide round the clock support
  • Holiday and sickness cover
  • Additional expertise and know how

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Consultancy Services

Streamline or scale up your business with independent advice and get expert help for a specific IT project

  • Gain an objective view on your IT
  • Need guidance with a complex project?

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Services we offer

If you are looking for a specific IT solution, these are the technologies that we use for over 100 businesses just like yours.